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Friday, December 23, 2005

What's In A Crust?

Every morning, I always make sandwiches for my Papa Bear to take to work for his lunch. I have this 'ritual' that sometimes freak him out...

Papa Bear knows how much I 'love' bread crust...NOT! You see, as far as possible, I avoid using the crusty ends of a loaf of bread. My reason? I have 3 for you - (1) The crusty ends will not 'fill' you up like the whole, nice middle-pieces will; (2) The crusts are just not nice-looking!; (3) When you put the two pieces of bread together for the sandwich, the piece doesn't look 'balanced' since the crusty ends are always smaller than the rest of the loaf.

When I spread the mustard or horse-radish sauce on the thin slices of cheese, or spread butter on the pieces of bread, I will make sure that the sauce and butter reaches every corner and part of the cheese and bread, as evenly as possible too. This drives Papa Bear crazy (you know I love driving you crazy shweetie)! When he gets his hands on the type of mustard in a tube-like container, he'll just squeeze that baby in a random-like way on the cheese / bread! As for me, I hate the taste of un-evenly spread sauce on my tongue wnen I take a bite. When we eat this Kebab-Pita that we buy from a stall near our place, I will make 2 bites before I start chewing - one bite from a part that has thickly spread sauce and another from a part that has hardly any sauce (you haven't noticed this yet dear? Observe closely next time :)).

If you haven't already shaken your head and laughed at my idiosyncrasies, you will now... I have a certain 'rule' when I eat french-fries. If we order french-fries with melted cheese on top, I will make sure that I will finish everything. If we order the type without the melted cheese, where the fries can 'stand-alone' and are not clumped up altogether with the melted cheese, I don't mind not finishing them all up. My reason? The type that has melted cheese are not as 'independent' as the type that are 'stand-alone'(s). The one with the melted cheese must all be eaten otherwise, they are 'tortured' in that sticky situation!

Yeah, I know...crazy huh?


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